Most frequent questions and answers

Go to any online designing platform. For ex: Canva
Select the business card design type.
Choose from hundreds of themes and photos or upload your own design.
Edit the business card according to your business needs.
Save and download the design.

Your business card should consist of essential information about your business like company name, your name and title, mobile/phone number(s), e-mails, address and website URL.

Business cards are very small and therefore it is important to provide concise and informative content related to your business .

An Effective Business card includes:

Essential Business Information
Creative and Interactive Design and Theme
Legible text with free spaces
High-Quality Print and Material

You can put your degree on your business card, but it is not necessary to do so. Instead, you can mention your professional designation that relates to your business, which will help your customers better understand the service you provide.

The answer can either be yes or no, depending on what kind of business you offer.
While you leverage the power of imagery and connect with people, you run the risk of being too cheesy and occupying more space than you should.

It depends on what purpose the business card is serving. While a 14pt or 16pt business is an inexpensive option, these cards get easily damaged and can be used for mass distribution. On the other hand, a 32pt or 48pt business card is hard and is of better quality, best used to hand out during meetings and presentations.

Business cards are a very essential tool since it conveys details about your business. Hence, it is important to make it as professional and visually appealing as possible. A design complemented with readability, good material and high-quality printing material should make any business card stand out. You can get creative your card, keeping in mind that it should appear professional.

Business cards come in a variety of sizes, but the size size of standard business cards is 3.5 x 2 inches (89 mm x 51 mm).

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