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Gifts, in general, are an expression and representation of our affection and appreciation towards someone. They play a crucial role in forming stronger bonds and relationships. Once gifts are exchanged, people connect on a deeper level, helping them reinforce their feelings towards each other.

However, the process of gift-giving has also been extended to a professional level, and to great advantage. In the marketing communication mix, corporate gifts a very prominent tool. A well-timed gift may tip a business decision in your favour.

When it comes to business, relationships matter a lot. In fact, our entire success in any business depends on the kind of corporate relationships we form and nurture. And what better way to strengthen a relationship than a tangible reminder in the form of gifts?

In business, gifts can be given to appreciate a long-term customer, an employee who brings value to the company or a new client. And to add the cherry on the cake, it is also a great way to promote your brand.

So let’s learn some of the advantages of giving corporate gifts

  • Improves B2B ties: The most obvious benefit of corporate gifts is it improves our relationship with clients, enhancing corporate image. 
  • Helps build brand awareness: Giving away goodies like apparel with the company’s logo will act as a great marketing tool.
  • Improves employee-employer relationship: It will build a better relationship with employees as it will give them a sense of belonging and uniformity. Corporate gifts also leave a positive image of the company in the minds of employees, which creates goodwill.
  • Gives rise to customer loyalty: Gifting customers with gifts is a great marketing strategy as it will motivate them to come back to the company again.
  • Cost-effective marketing tool: Corporate gifts are a very cost-effective marketing tool as they improve relationships, generate leads, creating sales promotion and more for a very reasonable price and effort.

When it comes to corporate gifts, it can be categorised into internal gifts and external gifts

  • Internal gifts are given to people within the organisation, like employees or interns.
  • External gifts are given to clients, prospects, and customers.

It is important to identify the audience before gifting. The external audience will have a more sophisticated expectation as compared to the internal audience. It should also be noted that branded gifts are only suitable for an internal audience. The audience can be further categorised into gender, age-group and more for better decision making.

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